FinlayDoesPotatoes2005 Edit

I freakin' hate YouTube hate comments. They are so annoying. For example, someone makes a video of them singing, a hater would just come up and say "EWW U SING HORIBLY EWW U DISCUSTIN LITLE BLISTA". Keep your opinion to yourself! Say if I made a video and someone said "UR VOICE IS GROSS". What if I am old and it gives me a heart attack?

Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit

So, I found this comment on a speedpaint that had constructive criticism, and apparently, someone says that it is rude, and that the person who made the comment is a jerk, even though they're more butthurt than them. Then, I say that we al have opinions, and they said that they should have their opinion. So what? No one will respect your opinion. Deal with it.


Ah, Youtube. The number one place to get cyberbullied, get ripped off, get copied, be excluded, see fangirls and fanboys, and tons more. The copying if what bothers me the most. So a really good artist posted a picture on deviantart. Then on youtube, another person showed a speedpaint video of them COPYING exactly the picture, except adding their name and everything. They said, "I made this myself blah blah blah." Except they put it in a different language. And everyone was like, "Oh so good you are a really good artist." What the heck?

Then there is the 10 year olds and 5 year olds on youtube. So one little video with 13 and above content, they flood the comments with "omg im only 5 and my friend here is 9 be good this video sucks because we are watching it to." Kids, you need to be thirteen or older to join google. Welcome to the internet.

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